Friday, 22 February 2008

Back doors locked!

Its working progress!...who am i kidding, im no where near close! :(
Yes, i failed yet again at taking it through the back door. Just when i think I'm nearly there, I'm told that only 5cms have gone in!

Although i failed in the rear aspect of things. I came to find that you can never use too many fingers ;-)

Won't get to enjoy that new found love for a few days either, as I'm doing a Leona Lewis by 'Bleeding Love' at the moment, literally!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Its got me addicted

I can't do anything without going to the full limit, Until i have to finally take a step back...
Like sex for instance, did'nt just have sex, did anal.
Don't just go gym, go nearly everyday.
Wanted to be skinny, ended up bulimic.
Started drinking, drank loads.

I have a WELL addictive personality which is kinda scary. Im gunna be trying alot of things throughout my life and not all of its gunna be something i should get addicted too.

That's why i reckon i got so heartbroken, i was addicted to the routine and the un-knowingness of what was going to happen.I was excited and stunned. I tryed to hard not to fall that i ended up falling harder than i thought.

Also, in contrast to my normal, happy, head strong self. Heartbreak turns me into a self destructive bulimic head case! Which i can't even begin to understand because i don't even remember ever thinking i really HAD to have someone. I do think love is a drug. Love is'nt logical. Saying that, its not as if im the love struct type. I think i crave anything thats taken away from me or unobtainable, which in a way is just human instinct really. People want what they can't have. And sometimes, when you get it, you simply don't crave it anymore. I have a small insight to why i might of fell so hard, but being under the influence like that was beyond what i thought i was capable of ever feeling.

I think love is a very shallow concept. Although at the time it feels the opposite. I do think there's a step by step how-to guide to making someone fall in love with you. For men that is. whether they've used it conciously or unconciously. It's defenitly been used on me. The fact that is works is the most shocking thing too!

I hate how love makes me re-evaluate myself. I started to critisise myself and labelled myself as one of them needy, insecure girls i hate. I turnt into everything i never wanted to be. And that is why its not worth it. I was'nt built for relationships and i certainly was'nt built for heartbreak!
I'd rather keep my feet on the ground and my head on my shoulders!

Thankfully after recovering from what seemed to be withdrawal symtons/heartbreak whatever you wanna call it. I discoverd that i am strong and resilent. I got through it and came out on top, literally! ;)
Some people may disagree with what iv'e done, i know i do at times. But I'm very happy and my hearts not on the line anymore. So whats the harm?

Doggey style!

Monday nights arnt supposed to be spent at home, there suppose to be spent up the downs doing in doggey style on poppers with the lust of you'r life! agreed? I think so!
I'd done foreplay on poppers before, but never sex, It's like what i imagined it would feel like to be on ecstacy? The feeling i got when i had sex on poppers is my personal experience of ecstacy anyway aha without the love?

My other half brought me a book for valentines day about a women who thinks quite similer to us and has sex ALOT. God do i love the book ! Its a bastard when you'r lying in bed wishing you was having sex but instead you'r reading about it. So after reading 5 chapters i fully charged and wanted to be fucked. I think i got to buisness, twice! Not only that but we also got caught by a police women whilst in our underwear, post doggey style! A part of me was actually disapointed we weren't arrested or atleast questioned?!

I hate that i have all these stories, achievements and memorable moments and people try to ruin it for me!
I don't see why i should feel bad for not having feelings...
'oh you'r not a slut are you?'
speaking of..
I can't even do it again! Its extremely painful!
honestly, im gutted!
i was looking forward to it aswell...espescially after reaidng my sex book, she has anal all the time!
I will get there again!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Sunday Morning Glory...

First of all. OH MY GOD. I'm in quite a large amount of pain. it hurts to sit here and write this!
So yes after hearing about my friends expirience up the back door, i was jumping on the bandwagon myself in as little as 7days time!
I did'nt even relise it was gonig to happen, i just thought he lost his way! But. Before i knew it was even happening i was enjoying it...then i being fucked up the arse? I thought i was going to stay in the 'anal virgin' sexual group till i was atleast 20! Little did i know it was no more than 4months after my 17th birthday. One of the more shocking facts about this is that im one of the last people out of a close group of friends to do it! I would do it again. But if this pains goes on for much longer im not sure if its worth it. I've had to take the gym off todays activity list and its been replaced by my bed. I feel like im recovering from someting really traumatic lol! like i need my rest haha.

I'm lookin forward too tonights phone conversation with my fellow sex blogger aha!

*sigh* Well that's me worn an torn until next weekend!!

Friday, 8 February 2008


Comment couldnt be sent without writters identity being shown

im actually going to ruin you put you out of your misery cba with your blogwhine anymore my cock+your minge we'll out fuck all of those cunts i'll even take a shit on your foot and then i'll lick it off - that way we can combine 2 amazingly disturbing things into one brillaint sexual act.This sexual act will outfuck anyone who trys to compete. And so what - yeah they might try and catch up but we'll just go one better!!!!


Sally says:
discussing fanstasies as u do....
Sally says:
babe have u done you? no
Him says:
Sally says
10 mintues later were spooning, he starts 2 stick it in, goes u alrite?
me: mmmm slight groan...finito!

i swear ur more experienced than most people hu aint virgins lol!

dno if i can be the BUTT of evy joke!

Her says:
LOL Sarahs rite, i really shud rite childrens stories!
Him says:
Can imagine all the kids sitting on 'the carpet' listening to Aunt sallys anal stories and the blue dragon
Her says:
ROFL! blue dragon, not a way id describe his penis, but whatever, let ur mind run wild babe!

*me sitting on top*
*him slightly pained face*
her: does it hurt, slows down.....
fred: no, IM GUNA COME!
i just started laughin after he said that goes,
her: Can we do that? lol
fred: i duno, il put a comdon on lol!

Just like sex, only tighter!

girl was giving me head

and i went

' what?'


How can people not talk bout sex its toooo funny!



Todays society is all about 'Out fucking' people ive recently discovered!

As of last weekend, i had many a arguments with fabulous friends about 'out fucking' each other

Came into work sunday morning to bump in to a friend, who has recently lost there virginity before me (yes i no! before me!...i was mad!:@!) LOL but yer anyway, finally got her back by getting fucked up the arse ;)!
She hates me! said she needs to beat me and goes
Im guna tea bag him
Me: Too late babe, did it last nite was good!
Her: *Sprays me with Disinfectant!*

Only to get home, tell a different friend a got fucked up the arse
For her to turn round and say
Yer well my Boyfriend pissed in my mouth at the weekend!



You get the game!

Comment this blog if u think you can out fuck me n my friends!